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Omega offers a variety of training courses to help develop your programs and employee base, creating an understanding and direct relation with the value of work they do.

Omega can help you create a unique sense of pride in the workplace and a powerful team to help you meet and exceed company goals.

Training benefits include:

● Experienced instructors with proven success
● Comprehensive training materials related to your session
● Hands-on software training in the field OR classroom style
● Can be held in in our downtown Des Moines Conference Room or on-site at your location

Omega Computers can bring the pieces of your puzzle together by determining what training programs or classes will be of benefit to create a cohesive team!

Classes currently offered:Puzzle

  • PACP Training
  • I.T. - Certified Inspector Training Program
  • Standardized Inspection Coding
  • Inspection Training - hands on or simulated


    Omega can help you select appropriate personnel to meet staffing demands, giving you the end results necessary from staff and teams!